Artist Statement


Color is powerful.  I am drawn to patterns that push light, life, and movement into my art.  I often glaze my paintings with multiple layers to intensify and saturate my subjects.  I work with a limited set of paint colors and mix them both on and off the pallet. My subject matter and style varies, but my use of color is the common thread that identifies and marks my work. 


This world is a fantastic place. Walk outside and take a minute to look at the the details in anything.  There are beautiful patterns everywhere, from the spirals of a pine cone,  a fern frond, or the larger patterns of mountains and trees. I focus on the these details and bring them to life in my paintings. When I crave a change of vista I explore the bigger spaces of our sky, the shapes and shadows of trees, a coming storm, or the human figure.


My work documents the natural world. My inspiration comes from afternoon light sparking in a stream, from newly opened leaves bathed in light, and from mountains peaks that surround my home.  Whether In realism, impressionism, or more whimsical pieces, my purpose is to remind you that the world is a beautiful place. Be happy!

Thanks for taking time to explore my art. I am confident you will find peace, beauty, and inspiration.  The world is our garden: go out and enjoy it!


Jon is a native of northern Utah, and was born into an energetic and artistic family. Inspired by his mother’s paintings and his father’s photography, he began painting as a child. He was fascinated by the natural world around him, and did everything he could to explore it. His life-long love of plants and flowers developed into work in gardens, greenhouses and landscaping.

Jon took a break from painting in order to complete other studies and begin a successful career as a software developer and IT professional. A college art class reawakened his creative passion, and he began painting again.

He began with a series of abstracts, and while showing them in a local gallery stroll, he met teacher and mentor Sydney Bowman. With her guidance, Jon began to study art in earnest, beginning with the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and portraiture. He expanded his experience using a variety of new mediums and subjects. Building on his rapidly widening skills, he achieved new focus and realism in his paintings.

After mastering realism, Jon began to explore other styles.  His painting styles include realism, impressionism, and abstract works.